What it Is ... and Isn't

All your life you have probably heard the term Medicare …. a program for senior’s medical care, right?

Now as you approach retirement, and/or the age of 65, you need to know exactly what Medicare will accomplish for you personally. How will Medicare fit into other retirement plans and needs?  What do you need to do, and when?

You have questions, and everyone it seems has answers, - family, friends, coworkers - all share information and stories of what can and has gone right or wrong with Medicare options.

Physician Holding Medicare Patient Hand
Medicare Image

Now more than ever, you need expert advice to make an informed decision.

When it comes to Medicare options, you need someone you can trust.

Jim Willis is the “Medicare Maze Master”.

James H. Willis, III is the President and Founder of The Willis Agency, based in Land O' Lakes, Florida. Since 1988 Jim has helped guide thousands through the confusing Medicare maze and into programs tailored for each individual based on personal choices and needs. As an independent agent, Jim is licensed with multiple companies. His agency offers more than 50 Medicare plans to meet clients needs.


The Willis Agency understands you require timely, factual information. We offer Medicare Assistance Services totally free of charge and take the time to thoroughly explain:

  • Medicare Parts, and Plans
  • Deadlines, Dates, and Penalties
  • Supplemental Plans
  • Advantage Plans
  • Prescription Drug Plans
  • Dual Eligibility Plans

Schedule your free consultation today! Eliminate paperwork, confusion, and stress!


"Thank you for being so patient with me and my questions."

Doris & Dave

"We have known and worked with Jim for so long, we feel he and Candi are part of the family. He’s always there to help not just at safe time but he has always come running when we need him."


"I appreciate your help and advice. I will be sure to tell my friends and family about “The Willis Agency”. It is so nice to know there are still honest people in your business. Thanks again for all your help."


"I’m thankful for your help and sharing your family with me. My love."

Step 1: Initial Phone Meeting

The purpose of this phone call is to start to understand your situation, needs, and goals.

Step 2: Discovery Meeting

This is a deeper dive into what your desired outcomes are and what gives your life significance.

Step 3: Game Plan Presented

Based on your provided information, several options will be outlined that best fit your desired outcomes.

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