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Managing Your Affairs - Estate Planning Basics

There are many working parts to your personal and financial estate. A system of organized information and data of people, places, things, assets, preferably in one place- is not only helpful, but also necessary for you and your heirs.

Depending on the assets you do or do not own you may well need the services of more than one business professional. An attorney, CPA, and medical professionals can add to the valuable information supplied by your financial advisor.


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There are many concerns in this area.  The comment “You don’t know what you don’t know” has never been truer than here.

It is not just a talk about Wills vs. Trusts…. but it also covers how you title deferred assets, avoiding probate, complicated tax strategies and stretches, what to do with your belongings, how to keep accurate records of insurances and doctors and even household services.

As the president and founder of The Willis Agency, Inc., since 1988, Jim Willis has been guiding clients to retirement and through estate planning. He can alert you to several areas of possible taxation including:

  • Wills vs. Trusts
  • Income & Expenses
  • Assets & Legacy Planning
  • Taxes and Charities
  • And all that Stuff!!!!

Jim’s clients are able to enjoy financial peace of mind and also often leave a legacy. Eliminate paperwork, confusion, and stress.

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Dave & Sara

"We met Jim after we’d been retired a few years, and just asked him over for a friendly Estate Review... Jim showed us that unless we changed our spending and investments, in 12 years we would be completely out of funds. Jim spent many hours with us setting up a new financial plan, not only securing us the lifestyle we wanted, but covered our future plans."


"Jim, I thank God for you and Candi!"


"Thank you for your help. It is always a pleasure dealing with nice people as you both are."

Rick & Susan

"When it suddenly hit me that retirement wasn’t so far away, I called Jim for help. We went over all my finances, talked about the plans my wife and I had for retirement, our hopes to travel, to leave our children an inheritance, charitable giving, even our health. Jim recommended a strategy that will give us a lifetime income and allow us to do most of what we hope to do. Thanks Jim!!!"

Step 1: Initial Phone Meeting

The purpose of this phone call is to start to understand your situation, needs, and goals.

Step 2: Discovery Meeting

This is a deeper dive into what your desired outcomes are and what gives your life significance.

Step 3: Game Plan Presented

Based on your provided information, several options will be outlined that best fit your desired outcomes.

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