Retirement Planning

Preserving the Past · Protecting the Present · Planning for the Future

It is never too early or too late to start planning for the lifestyle you want during retirement.

Whether you want to travel, take up hobbies you haven't had time for, or just relax and enjoy your golden years, a well thought out plan is needed to turn your dreams into reality.

For most people, financial strategies are complex and confusing. And this often leads to missing out on financial opportunities or taking unnecessary risks without adequate asset protection.

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Everyone has different goals, and financial advice can take many forms. Whether it’s  financial planning, 401k’s/ IRA’s, retirement consultingestate planning, or health insurance, you have choices. At The Willis Agency, we tailor your choices to match your personal needs with a wide scope of services offering proven income building strategies.

We are committed to what matters most to you, having your money last . . . leaving a legacy . . . financial peace of mind. When it comes to your retirement, you need someone you can trust.

James H. Willis, III is the President and Founder of The Willis Agency, based in Land O' Lakes, Florida.  Since 1988, Jim has focused on helping clients navigate through retirement with his proven "Strategies for Successful Retirement" method. He integrates finances, taxes, insurance and estate planning needs to align with retirement goals, while providing knowledge, clarity and confidence.

If you are seeking to achieve fulfillment, satisfaction, and financial peace in your life, then you may find Jim to be the trusted partner you’re seeking for advice, who can help you move toward your goals and vision.

Retirement Service and Advice offered in many areas, including:

  • Qualified Accounts, IRA’s, 401k’s
  • Estate Planning
  • Various Annuities
  • Social Security Benefits
  • Medicare Planning
  • Life Insurance
  • Long-Term Care Options

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"I’m still hanging in there (89+). Thank you for the advice you gave me many years ago! Thank you! "

Adrian and Simeone

"Congratulations on 25 years in business!  You have not only been our financial advisor but also our friend.  You always have a sweet spirit and a helpful voice at the other end of the phone.  You and Candi have always been very special to us.  We wish you many more successful years in business!"


"Hello, I just want you and Candi to know how much I appreciate your monthly Newsletter… Your words of faith give me help in witnessing. I know God is my financial advisor. He is also my doctor.  He is my everything.  I pray about everything.  And I am so blessed. Thank you."

Don & Suzanne

"Thanks for caring, for praying with us and for showing your love and concern."

Step 1: Initial Phone Meeting

The purpose of this phone call is to start to understand your situation, needs, and goals.

Step 2: Discovery Meeting

This is a deeper dive into what your desired outcomes are and what gives your life significance.

Step 3: Game Plan Presented

Based on your provided information, several options will be outlined that best fit your desired outcomes.

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